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posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 in NEW MUSIC

    Put aside the festivals, the backroom bar shows, the introduction to new musicians, and the whoop-la that goes along with social media buzz, and you are left with the root of what every fan looks forward to, new music being released by some of their favorite artists.  This past Tuesday, we were given such a buzz-worthy moment. With Josh Grider's 5th release, Luck and Desire.  The determination and drive have once again proven to be a legitimate success.  With the first single, White Van, currently tracking in the top ten of the Texas Charts, you can be sure to find lots of window down, hanging your arm out kind of pleasure.

    For me, the key to a successful project or album, is the ability for me, as a fan, to be able to enjoy the album start to finish.  No hitting the skip button, no pulling out the CD to change out for another, just put it in and listen start to finish.  Josh Grider has achieved this with Luck and Desire.  The track progression flow great, with no repeated sounds and identical tracks, but just a solid offering that is sure to please even the casual fan.  With an intimate, yet upbeat look at the plight of the traveling musician displayed for us throughout the album, Josh has continued to solidify himself as an artist to watch on our scene.  Hands down, this is certainly a must buy for any fan of the Texas Music scene, and sure-fire album that will compliment any venture that you will enjoy this summer, and add to the soundtrack of your life.

    I'll leave you guys with a track that has really grabbed my attention, and hopefully will speak to you too.

    This summer while you are venturing out and exploring new memories and new locals, keep an eye out for the white vans with trailers at the local haunts that can only be found once you leave the highway and venture down those off-beaten paths we like to call Texas Red Dirt Roads.

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