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posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 in Music Videos

    Remember back when those music TV channels used to show music videos?  Yeah, me too.  It seems as with the frenzy surrounding reality television, the channels we used to cling to, in hopes of seeing the next offering visually from our favorite artist, has lost its way.  Music videos were a way for us as fans to maybe catch a glimpse of those artists we heard on the radio, and be able to identify them without venturing out to a live show.  We could see the sounds come to life right before our very eyes, it was cool, and impressive at times.  Those days are long gone, and the inter-webs now is our refuge for finding such videos, and believe me, they are still being produced.  What we have done, is wrangled up a few of our favorites as of late, and decided to let you pretend that you are now watching our very own music television channel, err, website, OK stupid idea, forget I said that.  Now, for some music!

    The first offering is a relatively newly produced video of a smash-hit by one of our scenes favorites.  Give it a look.

   I hope you liked that one.  Up next is arguably one of the biggest summer tunes of last year, give it a look.

    Man, that sure brings the memories home.  Up Next, we close out with probably one of the greatest renderings of lyric to visual I have seen in several years.  We end this segment with what can be easily called a game-changer for our scene.  Thanks for tuning in.

    On a daily basis we have music all around us.  In commercials, on TV shows, and on the radio, make sure to pay attention to whats being played.  You never know when one song will lead you down a road to the new and different for you, those roads we like to call Texas Red Dirt Roads.


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