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posted on Monday, October 27, 2014 in NEW MUSIC

    An argument can be made that no one single person did more to bring Texas Music into the limelight than Pat Green. You couldn't turn around without hearing one of his tunes on the radio, seeing that PG sticker on the back of a car or truck, or hearing some friend or coworker talk about him.  He was in fact, the king of Texas Country.  He moved off, did the Nashional thing for a while, found success at it, but left behind a drove of fans wondering if the "old Pat" would ever resurface.  Meanwhile, a  new generation of Texas musicians emerged, and that frenzy that consumed much of the state for so many years was seemingly lost.  Recently a buzz has been floating around about the new album that doesn't have a release date, and rumors of "returning to his roots" and the impact this new album could have on the scene.  This past Sunday, we caught a glimpse into the world of the new PG album, and I am here to tell you friends, when the release date for Home ( confirmed album name) is set, and it drops onto the market, it will be a game changer.  Without revealing too much about it at this time, yes I have heard the entire album, every track, yes it is still in the CD player, and yes, for those doubters and nay-sayers, this will be the Return of the King so to speak. Here is one TXRDR exclusive we captured this past Sunday, and by all means, tell your friends what you too may be some of the first to see and hear.


Aaron Bentley


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