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posted on Sunday, June 14, 2015 in TOURING

    Quite often as fans, we don't get to see that at-home or private side of musicians or people in the industry, or even hear that chapter spoken aloud- the getting caught-up and forgetting what got you there.  However, sometimes we do, and yet other times, we get to see the people who stay grounded enough and humble enough to not get caught up in the hoop-la and the glam.  The genuine article so to speak.  Those are the rare-breed, the ones who in all reality are the minority in the industry.  As fans of the Texas and Red Dirt scene, we take the daily interactions for granted, the after show or during-break conversations.  We get to know the artists on a personal level.  We know when it's true.  When you combine a genuine personality with amazing songwriting and musical talent sprinkled with charisma and topped off with some great storytelling ability, you get that Next Big Thing.


     With his fourth studio release, WCG has found himself at the forefront of today's Texas Music scene.  Through powerful songs that have relatable lyrics to all of us, and catchy, yet sometimes even strange melodies, there is no question WCG is the real deal, and here to stay for as long as he wants to.   "We are definitely busier, and being able to see my band and fanbase grow has been a joy to watch."  After the wild success of Rose Queen, William jumped from a regional favorite to an overnight success of sorts.  As touring and show-dates continued to grow, some  might have grown skeptical of his ability to remain true to his wildly original sound and style, but they couldn't have been further from the truth.  Through the upturn, WCG has continued to deliver his own individual method of storytelling, and keep it fresh and relevant.  To try and define or compare the sound of WCG to that of any other in the past or present would honestly be an insult.

    "Write songs with meaning.  The ability to help someone through a sad, dark, or even happy time is a true blessing."  With an ever-present ability to speak directly to the listeners, and delivering a slap to the face or punch to the gut lyrically with every word he sings, William Clark Green just may be the best and most relatable singer/songwriter in our genre today.  After probably the sixth straight time I listened to Ringling Road  on repeat, I found it damn near impossible not to relate to every single line of every song.  That's the sign of true songwriting brilliance, the ability to put the listener in that moment, in that memory, in that place with what seems like just a few words and melodies, and WCG does that.  As I leave you guys with what is my favorite track off the current album, remember this, Seeing and hearing music live can transport us to another time and place, and also gets us face to face with the voice on the other end of that radio, and that is pretty damn cool.

    Taking a step back and regrouping is something we all should do from time to time.  While staying in the fight, in the moment is something we strive for, we may not always see how that battle can change us until we step back, and focus on what our original drive and desire was that brought us there. Never compromise who you are, or what you believe in.  Trying to be something we aren't is an impossible task that ultimately will end in failure and disappointment.  Should you find yourself on that busy road of life either stuck in the traffic jam or trying to catch up, take that next exit, roll the windows down and feel the wind on your face and turn that radio up, and just enjoy the ride.  A ride along those Texas Red Dirt Roads.

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