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posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 in NEW MUSIC

     Family has often times been the base inspiration for many brilliant tunes.  For Kylie Rae Harris, one of today's top storytellers, the line between life and art has once again been blurred.  The key definition for separating a good storyteller and a great one, is that ability to deliver the message through song so convincingly that you don't know if it is truth or fiction.  The inflection and emotional charge are the key selling points so to speak, and this unreleased tune is filled to the brim with emotion.  "I feel like 'Twenty Years From Now' is the most important song I've written so far.  It comes directly from experience.  I was a wreck while working through the song with my co-writer, Jon Randall, but I feel like it was one of those things that had to find its way out onto paper and into this world."  Thankfully for us, this song is now out to be heard by the world, and we couldn't think of a better singer/songwriter to deliver it to us.  So here it is, a treat for the ears, and a tug on the old heart strings that will leave you asking, really, why haven't I heard this?



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Aaron Lee Bentley


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