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posted on Friday, January 13, 2017 in NEW MUSIC

The definition of unique is being the only one of its kind; unlike anyone or anything else. For years people have searched for a way to stand out, be different, break the mould so to speak. In music, the search for individualism can be found around every corner.   In the case of Saints Eleven, there are none before, and there will be no comparison after.  

    "That does cross my mind from time to time because we hear that a lot, but it is all positive at least, that we know of!  It doesn't change who we are though.  We're not different on purpose, it's just the way we sound.  We like the music we put out and we enjoy the shit out of it when we play it live.  That's one of the things, I love about this band, if we don't feel it during rehearsal or during a show that we try it out on, we chunk it.  We want our fans to feel what we're feeling! We're going to keep on being us and hope people dig it!"


    To say Saints Eleven is more than just plain music is an understatement.  Saints Eleven play with conviction, emotion, dedication, and euphoric elation. Through jubliant melodies, intelligent and relatable lyrics, and the ability to move thier listeners to toe-tapping involvement, live music is their purpose.  "I think there are great songwriters  out there that can write about anything, anytime, I'm just not one of them.  I don't think I'm a bad songwriter at all, but it's easier for me to tell a story to a live audience and sing it with passion if it's something I wrote because I was passionate about it."  Jeff's personal involvement and constant humble approach to his craft will continue to propell him and his fellow bandmates to great heights.  Continuing to probe into his writing method, Jeff had this to say about his style: "I'm totally a melody guy first. I'm a melody guy period really because I was a teenager in the 90's hairband/grunge era and don't think I understood the words to anything I was listening to except maybe the chorus... Anyway, most songs come to me pretty quick if the right mood hits me and/or something recetly happened in life that I want to get off my chest without ranting on social media.  Other times, I have to really focus and make myself work.  I am easily distracted, I think I'm a genius after the first pargraph I write, then I feel like a complete moron after that because I can't think of anything else."     While Jeff may feel a mixed bag of emotions while writing, all we can feel is a deep rooted  appreciation for his ablilty to share his craft with us.

    The third offering from Saints Eleven, titled COMING BACK AROUND in a trilogy of profound musical bliss that can only be described as riveting.  Featuring songs such as For Those That Came, a non-descript look at the journey back home or afterlife to greet those that have left before us, to the hard-driving anthem Shelter Me, and the un-apologetically rythmic title track Coming Back Around's look at an age old adage, every fan of music can be sure to find what they have been missing even if they didn't know it wasn't there.  "It's pretty personal as was our last two records.  I don't know how else to write.  It's easier for me to write songs about stuff I've been through or stories that I know to be true.  I'm not very poetic and don't really care to be.  If I can tell you a story with a couple rhyming words in it and put some music behind it that'll make you tap your toes a little, that makes me happy."  However you choose to label, describe or personify Saints Eleven, the fact of the matter is, this type of music should be shared with the masses and we should understand that we are better for it.  Through bluesy melodic interpretations of life lessons and nondescript spritual evaluations Saints Eleven has undoubtedly delivered to us a full-fledged must have album.  Do yourself a favor and run and grab up a copy today. 


    In every walk of life we take, our journey inevitably leads to the search to find out just who we are and what purpose we serve.  Many times we get lost on why we do what we do, and who we truly are.  Often times, we let outside influences affect those decisions and we stray away from our true selves.  Don't let anyone tell you who you are, and remember, staying true to yourself and your convictions is what makes you unique, and allows you to stand out amongst the crowd.  Don't be in such a rush to change, slow down to evaluate your surroundings, and make time for the little moments, the moments that can be found when you exit off on those Texas Red Dirt Roads.


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