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posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in MUSIC NEWS

    There is a fine line that has to be walked for a love song to hold true, and not fall into the various stereotypes that are out there.  Is it too sappy?  Does it have depth?  Is the emotion conveyed to the listener?  As with any song type, the fans have to love it.  I have found that many people have really liked this song, and oh yeah, most of the ladies dig it. (Guys, this is key for a successful love song).  In all honesty, Zach hit a milestone in his career with this gem, his first hit.  While some people measure the success of a song by a number on a chart, I believe it's more than that, it's the longevity of the tune.  This song is one I see still making its rounds two years from now, and not being written off as just another summer flash in the pan.  Well, without further hold-up, the lights down low, the snack bar open, and of course kiddos, this jam is couples skate only.

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