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posted on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 in Take Notice

    Special moments caught on camera sometimes are a rare thing, especially when it's moments that you can't plan for.  Events such as the LJT Texas Music fest provide many of these magical moments, and sometimes you get so caught up in what is happening, you forget to get it on video.  Well, we made it a point to capture those moments this year, and we will continue to bring you small glimpses into what we experienced each night after the mainstage lights faded, and the night grew darker.  There were no scripts, no set lists, no discernible order of events, just simply organic moments that seemed to almost happen on a whim.

    While many campfire sets took place each night, we made it a point to provide a very intimate setting for both the musician and the fan to enjoy the moment and create lasting memories that will form the base for many stories for years to come.  Stories that can only be found once you put the hustle and bustle of the daily grind aside, turn off your devices, and live in the moment.  Moments that can only be found once you exit off on those lost backroads we like to call Texas Red Dirt Roads.


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