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posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in Behind The Scenes

    Many of you tune each week to the Texas Red Dirt Roads Radio Show and enjoy the full three hours of musical bliss, but have you ever wondered what it is actually like to be there in person?  Every week, without fail, a large fan-base amasses and ventures out to enjoy the stripped-down and intimate feel brought to you each week by Justin, and each and every fan there leaves with a little something special to go home with and share with their loved ones.  Well, I figured I might just give those of you who cannot make the trip out, a little piece of that magic.  So here it is, a very special performance brought to you by the brilliant Matt Powell. 

    Should you have the urge to venture out to one of the Sunday shows, the directions may be funny at times, but you can bet that you'll know you're there once you exit off on those slow moving lanes we like to call Texas Red Dirt Roads. 

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