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posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 in NEW MUSIC

    Remember when you were younger and your favorite song came on the radio?  You couldn't turn it up fast enough, or hear it enough times in one day.  Then you bought the CD, and that specific track stayed on repeat for days.  You were on cloud nine.  It was your musical bliss, and nobody, I mean nobody could tell you otherwise.  As we all grew up, we learned to appreciate the patience that comes with not over-playing our favorite tune and savoring the moment we hear it.  We begin to like different songs and types of music, and probably all have a playlist of about a hundred or so songs we like to go to when time arises.  Well, late last week I was taken back to my youth.  A young musician out of Austin sent me his album.  While this may not be an uncommon act for someone in the music business to receive dozens of new albums a week, this one stood out.  I listened intently as usual to the project, forming my opinions as the tracks progressed, then, track 4 hit, and buddy I mean it hit like a tidal wave.  Raw emotion, stripped down almost to the point of being naked.  I hit repeat, and again, the waves of emotions slapped me right in the face.  Then repeat a third time.  I was back to my teenage years, I just couldn't get enough of this song.  By the fourth spin I just knew this was going to hit it big.  So what is the song you might ask, and who is the musician?  His name is Jeff Whitehead, and the track is Pardon Me.  Simple title really, but this song is so much more.  Intense, real, raw, and by all accounts, a legitimate lyrical masterpiece.  So here it is friends, and I hope you also find yourself lost in those teenage years of the repeat button.

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