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posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 in WHYHAVENTIHEARDTHIS

    I think sometimes we get spoiled by radio.  A non-stop bombardment of great music fed to us with healthy breaks in-between.  It's the best of both worlds really, we get to hear our favorite tunes with bits of the new sprinkled in every now and then, and it allows us to go throughout our day almost seamlessly.  It does have it's bad side too.  The loss of the others.  The music that may not make the program directors cut, or even the songs we turn off and never give the chance they deserve.  Still, others stay away from mainstream music, and avoid the broadcast radio all together, and rely heavily on their own play lists, or the streaming music services that have taken the world by storm.   This is where I all but short of beg people to open up their minds, and explore the hidden.  Encourage others to venture out and lend an ear to that artist you may not know, or leave the song on long enough to really listen to it, versus changing the station or hitting that skip button.  I for one have been guilty on many occasions of "missing the bus" on a song or artist the first time around, and that is a very empty feeling to say the least.  By going out and giving that unknown a chance, we can help music re-evolve into a listeners paradise of sorts.  Help the starving artist get the credit they deserve, and help keep the path of music flowing in the right direction.  That is the sole purpose behind this weekly feature we have here, let you in on that song you may have missed, or expose the fans to new music that we just cant get enough of.

    This week's offering is a bit on the more serious side of things.  It's song that explores the world of dead-end relationships, and as Brandon told me, how it feels to be the only one in the relationship.  So without further hold up, here is a look at one of the bright stars on the rise in our scene, and a listen to the emotions that fuel this tribute to the failed rebound relationship.  This song kids is one you don't want find yourself saying 'why haven't I heard this?' to your friends.

    We never know when or how relationships of any variety can come to an end, all we can do is make the most of the time we have.  Never leave time as a wasted commodity, and always make the most of this crazy thing we call life.  Slow it down, turn around every now and then, and make sure to make stops along the way, and come see us, down those sacred paths we like to call Texas Red Dirt Roads.

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