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posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 in Music Videos

    Many times opinions about music lean to the extreme side.  The basis for why we should like a song should be what people tell based on creativity, depth of the lyrics, and complexity of the rhythm.  Then again, why don't we just form our own opinion?  This is a constant battle, the battle to choose what we want to hear.  Having a healthy mix of music should always be encouraged.  Music can be both fun, and complex at the same time.  Now there is still a place for listening and learning from music, but there is also a place for dancing, laughing, and enjoying music.  Summertime is about those moments: the laughter, the smiles, and the just letting go and having fun.  That sentiment is exactly what this week's choice is all about, just downright fun.  I love this tune, and the video is just plain fun.  It doesn't hurt that the guys who bring it to us are some pretty solid musicians, and know a thing or two about how to have fun, and at times, make some pretty serious tunes too. 

    Still relatively new to the scene, the boys of Tyler and the Tribe are most definitely here to stay, and a solid bet for a great live show, that if you don't go see, I might be left scratching my head and asking why the hell not.  OH, and their 2013 release Born is definitely one album you need to add to your soundtrack of summer.

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