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posted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 in NEW MUSIC

    I tend to find that the best compass for rare or not heard of music is from musicians, after all, it is their livelihood.  In my daily dealings with musicians, many of whom are close friends now, I always make it a point to ask, "what are you listening to?"  OK, OK, yes it may sound cliché seeing as how that is the title of a song I highlighted in the feature over a year ago, but it's true.  Most musicians seek out the rare, and stray from the basic and high spin radio hits.  They have their ear to the ground so to speak, so when they make mention of a new song that has their attention, you better believe I pay it some notice.  For this weeks offering I bring you a duo, not from Texas or Oklahoma, but a sound that definitely has our attention, and quite frankly, seems to fit right nicely into our scene.  So here it is, the harmonizing brilliance that is Carolina Story, and their tune Your Children's Children.  Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the melody. 

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