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posted on Friday, March 7, 2014 in Ten Qestions

     What could possibly be better than a Friday in Texas?  How about a Friday where we bring you another edition of Ten Questions, with one of the scenes most popular artist.  While sometimes controversial, often hated on, there really is no doubt that Casey Donahew is a household name among the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  With a career that began well over a decade ago, Casey has continued to find success, and become a sort of ambassador for our little scene, amassing droves of fans along the way.  We decided to sit down with Casey and ask him our brand of off the wall questions, to help you the fan, get a better understanding into the mind behind the music, and possibly learn a few things you may not have known, or ever thought to ask.


1) we know you have created and crafted a very unique CDB persona.  Tell me a bit about your early days, before the main stage and how you got started.

Started writing songs in high school, and started playing guitar at college. I put the two together and began playing acoustic stuff at party's and for friends. First got on a stage at the " Thirsty Armadillo" in ft worth in 2002 and never looked back.

2) with spring time quickly approaching, it means the on-set of severe weather.  Are you a guy who's fascinated with it, or fearful of it? 

Well with a family I am always fearful of a dangerous storm doing damage, but do love a good rain storm.

3) as a songwriter, where are some places you pull inspiration from?

Everyday life for sure, I try and take parts of my life or things I observe and put my own twist on the ideas.

4) do you believe in Bigfoot? And if so, would you be guilty of messin' with Sasquatch? 

I do not believe in big foot, but I pretend for the sake of my 5 year old who does.

5) the designated hitter rule or should the pitcher bat? 

I like our current system, with each league playing it their own way.

6) most musicians are driven by passion, what is something you are passionate about?

My family is my passion. 

7) favorite place to eat on the road? 

We spend a ton of time eating at " Texas Roadhouse" they never let us down.

8) red dirt on the rocks was a big deal, I mean a really big deal, tell us about what that experience was like.

That was a bucket list show for me and the guys. It's a place I had seen on TV and never set foot in until we played. It's hard to describe how cool that venue is, we are thrilled to be going back.

9) what is that one stage you have yet to play that just are dying to perform on? 

We have been so lucky to play some amazing places, I think he big stage at the Houston Rodeo would be cool.

10) what are you listening to? No, really, what are you really into? 

Sports talk radio consumes most of my time, but my iPod is full of Garth Brooks and Matchbox 20

  With no plans on slowing down, Casey Donahew certainly has his eyes set on success, and has a long string of hits to back it up.  I'll leave you guys with the look at one of Casey's more intimate, and serious songs.

    We hope this Friday finds you ready for the weekend, ready for a slowdown, and ready for some fun.  I hope you enjoy that time off, and suggest you too get lost in the music, and lost down those back-country lanes we like to call, Texas Red Dirt Roads.


Aaron Bentley


twitter- @aaronleebentley