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posted on Sunday, May 8, 2011 in FESTIVALS

May is in full swing, and there are less than 3 weeks until the Annual 2011 Memorial Day Jam here in the Fort Worth Stockyards

For less cash than it takes you to buy a few gallons of gas, you get to hear over 20 of the hottest bands in TXRDR Music in one day. 

The doors open up at 11AM on May 28th, the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Every year the music lineup has gotten better, and this year is no exception. 

There are 3 Main Stages, and of course our own TXRDR personal favorite, the TXRDR VIP Acoustic Pavilion.  To get into the pavilion you have to pay a few extra bucks, but it is essentially a VIP Pass to see ALL the artists playing up close, sit down in the shade,  and play a short set.  


I haven’t missed a Memorial Day Jam in several years, and with all of the experience I have under my belt, I wanted to pass along a couple tips to the rookies:

1- Beer is not a substitute for water - no matter how cold it is.

2- At 1PM the Port-a-Potties are an option, by 7PM...  Hold it.

3- Just because Casey Donahew sells it at the Merch Booth, doesn’t mean you need it.

4- If he’s got more than 5 tattoos, you might want to pack some anti-bacterial wipes.

5- If you want to bring a child in a stroller - please leave before bedtime (8PM)

6- Folding chairs are an awful idea after 5PM, leave ‘em in the car.

7- Cell Phone reception isn’t great, so stop taking the videos and texting your buddy.

8- The Emergency Care Booth has free water.  The concessions sell it for $5.

9- If your over 200lbs, please stay off his shoulders.

10- Never trust a guy in a sleeveless t-shirt, visor, and flip flops. Just saying. 

*11- When you see me at Memorial Day Jam come over and buy me a beer, even if I ask for water.

While the TXRDR Acoustic Pavilion line-up has yet to be ironed out, here’s a quick look at the 3 Main Stages for 2011 (You might want to sit down...)

Memorial Jam

Bud Light Stage:

Matt Kimbrow 12:30 PM

Brian Burke 1:30 PM

JB & the Moonshine Band 2:45 PM

Joey Green 4:15 PM

Johnny Cooper 6 PM

Wade Bowen 8 PM

Casey Donahew 10:15 PM


“NOT the Bud Light” Stage:

Matt Stell & the Crashers 12 PM

John D Hale 1 PM

Brison Bursey 2 PM

Whiskey Meyers 3:30 PM

Kyle Bennett 5 PM

No Justice 7 PM

Josh Abbott 9 PM


ZiegenBock Stage:

John David Kent 11:30 AM

Emory Quinn 12:30 PM

Ryan Beaver 1:30 PM

Rob Baird 2:45 PM

Rich O’Toole 4:15 PM

Turnpike Troubadours 5:30 PM


TXRDR Acoustic Pavilion

(Line-up To Be Announced) 

Who are you the most excited to see???  

Buy your tickets in advance and you’ll save a couple bucks on admission.  We’ll see you out at the Stockyards.



Scot Gray
TXRDR Road Crew