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posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 in BANDS

The Blue Broussard Band released their second album “Do This Again” last August. 

“Do This Again was written by Blue and Producer/Drummer Chris Foster and recorded at Omni Studios in Nashville, TN. 

The album includes singles “Undercover Lovers” and “Love Again.”  It also includes current single “Dance Alone” that was recently released to radio. 

“Dance Alone” continues to climb up the Texas Regional Radio Report and Texas Music Chart.  It is also getting play on XM Nashville 57.  The song actually comes from a personal experience. 

“Dance Alone came to be a song from a personal experience I had in a dance hall in my hometown,” Blue says.  “I was out with some friends of mine, and we were doing the normal thing, out having a good time, having a few drinks, and listening to some good country music. One of the guys I happened to be there with spotted a girl early on in the night that caught his eye. The two looked at each other all night long. My friends and I tried to encourage him all night to go talk to her, maybe even ask her to dance. He never get could get up the courage to do either, and we still give him a hard time about it to this day.

When I got home that night, after witnessing my friend’s hardship, I started thinking about how frequently that occurs between two people. There is a sense of being nervous about the unknown, and it’s sometimes hard to approach certain situations. It didn't take me long that night after sitting down with my guitar. I had the whole song wrote in 5 minutes. I still hate that for my friend, the two could have been perfect for each other.”


Blue explains why they chose “Dance Alone” as the new single. 

“We chose Dance Alone as the current single because it seemed like the perfect follow up to our previous single Love Again,” Blue says. 

“Both of the songs are great songs to dance too, and that's important for me as a songwriter. The venues that allow us to play our music are always filled with country music listeners, and they like to dance. I understand, I am one of them! I love country music more than anyone I know, and that's why I love being able to do what we do everyday.”

The fans reaction to not only “Dance Alone,” but the album has been huge for the band.  They continue to hit the roads and play to their fans throughout the year and there doesn’t show to be any signs of slowing down with the recent recording of a live album. 

“The fan reaction to Dance Alone has been huge,” Blue says.  “Thanks to a lot of strong support from Texas Music Chart and Texas Regional Radio reporters, they have exposed country fans to our music for the past two years, and "Dance Alone" has been no exception. The support we have received from these stations has enabled us to continue to do what we do. The XM 57 station, formerly XM 11 Nashville, has supported us from day one with "Dance Alone" as well.

That's a huge plus for any regional act in our position. The XM stations reach a broad national audience and allow future fans of our music to hear us for the first time. We can't thank all of the stations that play our music enough, and all the fans that make it out to our shows. We make it our personal mission to make it worth your while when you come out to see us!”

So go out and buy their album “Do This Again” or go out to see a live show.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Check out www.bluebroussardband.com for dates near you!