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posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in NEW MUSIC

     Often times I find myself gravitating to an artist with a particular sound, a certain groove, and a steady beat.  However, more often than not, it's the artists who continue to redefine their sound, the ever-present evolution of their writing, their attention to detail, and personal investment in their craft that really drives me.  I'm a sucker for the story and that click that happens when you find yourself lost in song.  For Sam Riggs, Breathless may prove to be the biggest payoff of his career.

     Known for his high energy live show, Sam has always put 110% into his efforts, and that's proven through this current offering.  In a scene flooded with talent, Sam has not only secured his place among the elite, he has continued to challenge the norm, and increase his fanbase with each live show.  With a track listing that brings pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, fans both familiar and new alike are sure to find something to hold on to.

     From life lessons in The Lucky Ones, to rousing windows-down anthems like Gravity, and soulful broke-down offerings in Secondhand Smoke & One More Chance to Stay, Sam and company have broken the mold with this one.  One might argue that Sam Riggs is the next big thing.  This album in all rights is a sure fire hit, and one you need to add to your collection.  I'll leave you guys with this first-look that we had into this project almost 2 years ago at LJT Texas Music fest when he stopped by to share a newly penned tune still in its infancy.


    Many times we spend hours even days trying to stay ahead of the curve, when in-fact it's not the pursuit of other's accomplishments we should chase, but simply strive for the achievement of being the best "us" that we can.  Spend time enjoying your faults, celebrating your success, and pushing yourself to personal happiness, and the rest will seemingly fall into place.  A place that can only be found when you find your own path, a path that is sure to lead you to those destinations that can only be found off of those Texas Red Dirt Roads.

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Aaron Lee Bentley

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