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posted on Friday, July 8, 2011 in CD REVIEWS

There are many, many people who have broken away from popular bands and tried to make it on their own. But the main problem when they try to break off is that either fans can’t decipher them from their former group or when they write their own music, it sounds too much like the original group that they just left.

But for Brandon Jackson, it is the total opposite from that. A long time member of the popular group, No Justice, Jackson decided after 5 years of traveling in the group to branch out on his own and start a solo career in August of 2009. His first solo project, The Good Times, officially released to the public on June 14, 2011 and has become an instant hit. In less than a month on the market, The Good Times has quickly climbed to #2 on the Top Album Sales charts on www.shoptxrdr.com, behind only the highly anticipated debut album “This Indian Land” by Cody Canada and the Departed. From start to finish, The Good Times will have you loving this new sound from Brandon Jackson.


When looking at a new album, most people listen for that song that they either already know or that they quickly love. Being that Jackson is new as a solo artist, many people may not know his name or his music just yet. But very quickly they will find that there won’t be just one or two songs on this album they will like…they will like all of them. The album starts off with a roll-your-window-down-and-sing-as-loud-as-you-can song in “Baltimore and continues with a familiar Radney Foster song “Folding Money.” The first single on the album, “Just A Good Friend” is an upbeat song about whether or not to take that next step with a close friend. As the album moves along through songs like “Oklahoma County Line” and “The Good Times,” not one song on the whole album will make you hit the ‘next’ button on your radio. You will definitely enjoy this album from start to finish.


The album is definitely something that Jackson is very proud of, as he should be. “I just hope the fans really enjoy the music and want to tell their friends about it! I worked really hard on this project and I wanted to put together a record that people would love to listen to all the way through. There are no fillers, in my opinion every song is a potential single. I'm really proud of it.”


I have friends that will create mix CDs for road trips. They put all their favorite songs that are upbeat so they can jam out in the car for the entire trip. Brandon Jackson’s new solo album “The Good Times” is a complete road trip album wrapped up in one artist. It is a must-get album for your Texas Red Dirt Roads musical library.


To check out more on Brandon Jackson, visit www.brandonjacksonmusic.com or www.facebook.com and search “Brandon Jackson Music.” You can also buy “The Good Times” in the TXRDR Online store by clicking here.