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posted on Friday, September 9, 2011 in BANDS

Many baseball fans that go out to see a Texas Rangers baseball game has probably heard the voice of Steve Helms. His song “No Where But Texas” is played during batting practice before nearly every single home game of the reigning American League Champions. But not much else is known about this proud Texan. Recently, Steve sat down with TXRDR and answered some questions for the fans to get to know him a little bit better.

TXRDR: Where did you grow up?

Steve Helms: Cleburne, Texas. Born and raised and still there.

TXRDR: What’s the best and worst thing about growing up in Cleburne,Texas?

Steve Helms: You know, I love the small town. I’ve been there forever and it’s why I’m still there. I guess the worst thing about it is when you do something stupid, everyone knows about it around the corner. I mean not that I ever did anything stupid…ok I did. Everyone knows I did.

TXRDR: Personally growing up, who were your biggest influences

Steve Helms: Well, musically I’d have to say KISS. I know that sounds weird and people always made fun of me for it, but I was a KISS Freak. In 7th or 8th grade and my freshman year of high school if I could have worn the make up and finger nails, I would have. Then I got into country, I was always a fan of Radney Foster, Joe Diffie, but I was always a KISS Freak at heart.

TXRDR: If there is one act you could open for, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be? (I’m thinking you are going to say KISS)

Steve Helms: I promise it would be KISS. That’s that ultimate for me. One time, I had the opportunity to meet those guys. Back in the day I did studio work for Bret Michaels of the band Poison in the 90s. I played bass on 5 tracks for him to pitch to a record company. He was going to do a solo project and wanted to go country so I played bass on 5 tracks for his country project. That was around the same time the KISS Reunion Tour was being put together. We are sitting in the studio and Paul Stanley calls Bret with me sitting right next to Bret. I just wanted to yank the phone out of Bret’s hands, but obviously I couldn’t. I almost had tickets and backstage and meet and greets in Nashville with Bret Michaels at the KISS show, but it just didn’t happen. I got bumped out. But it was still a cool deal. But for me, KISS would definitely be the ultimate.

TXRDR: If we were to get in your truck and listen to your CD player or get your ipod and take a listen, who would we hear?

Steve Helms: Honestly, I just put the new Stoney LaRue’s “Velvet” CD in my CD player in my truck. I went to the Wal Mart in Cleburne and bought it. I got that CD in there as well as a John Meyer CD in there. I listen to everything.

TXRDR: What Texas artist that is out there currently do you feel the fans need to know more about?

Steve Helms: I think Bobby Duncan. Bobby is one of my good friends, so I may be a little bias. But I think he is going to be one of the dudes that breaks out no matter what direction he goes whether it be rock or country. Another one that I’m on board with is Bo Phillips. I think Bo is cool. I mean I think he’s an idiot, but he’s awesome. And if he reads this, I hope he knows I’m kidding. Bo’s stuff is awesome. If you’re not sure who those guys are, you definitely need to check them out.