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posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 in BANDS

For several years now, Kyle Park has been traveling up and down the Texas Red Dirt Roads playing his music and entertaining fans all over. That hard work has made him one of the top acts in the scene today. Kyle is enjoying a lot of success with his music, including his latest single “Make Or Break Me,” which is a top 10 hit for Kyle on the Texas Music Chart.

This past Sunday, Kyle was on the Texas Red Dirt Roads radio show and sat down with us to answer some questions for you the fans to know him better.


TXRDR: Where did you grow up at?

Kyle Park: I grew up in north Austin in Leander,Texas. I’ve been there my whole life, except for when I went off to college in San Marcos, Texas.


TXRDR: What’s the best and worst part of growing up in Leander, Texas?

Kyle Park: The best is all my family is there. All my uncles, relatives, and grandparents are all there. I’ve got a lot of family from north Austin. One of the things that was good was that, in a good way, everyone knew everyone. It was a big school, but it wasn’t too big to where it was uncomfortable. Probably the worst thing is the same thing that was so good about it. Everyone knew everyone, so everyone knew everyone’s business. It’s changed a lot since back then. It’s grown up to be such a big place, it’s now more just a part of Austin than anything else. But it was a great place to grow up.


TXRDR: Who are your musical influences?

Kyle Park: Oh man, it’s everyone from Chris LeDoux, George Strait to Clint Black and Mark Chesnut. I grew up listening to country music on the radio in the 90s. Those guys as well as Garth Brooks…really anybody that had great music was an influence on me. I have so many influences. The people I heard playing guitar were Matallica and Jimmy Hendrix. So they were influences for sure. When I play guitar, I like to pick around and play different things. Whenever I write a song today, I still find music that is influencial for me whether it be Lyle Lovett or Paul MaCartney or Allison Krauss. So a lot of music influences me.


TXRDR: If you could open up for any artist at any venue, who would it be and where?

Kyle Park: There are so many good ones I’d want to play with. I’d have to say Chris LeDoux because he was the first energetic cowboy. Playing with him at Billy Bob’s in the stockyards in Ft.Worth. He would have an amazing crowd so that would be awesome. I’d also like to do something with The Band.” Of course with George Strait anywhere. Maybe we could do something together at the Railhead Smokehouse. That would be pretty cool, but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have enough room to do that. But the more I think about it, Chris LeDoux at Billy Bob’s would be the pretty cool. Another one would be Waylon in downtown Austin in some hole in the wall club or some dark club. That would be awesome.


TXRDR: You got a new single “Make Or Break Me.” What’s the story behind that song?

Kyle Park: I wrote the chorus walking around in my house. It’s not about anybody, but I knew when I sang that chorus it was one of those songs that would get stuck in your head. I was stuck on the verses for a long time. I had the chorus in my head for about two or three months. I knew how the song would go in terms how the melody would go, how I was going to sing the words I didn’t have. Everything was there, except the lyrics to the verses. Then I got hooked up with Ryan Beaver and told him that I had a song that I needed his help with. I told him the idea and the chorus. He said I should keep at it by myself, but I told him I was stuck and needed help on the verses. The first words out of his mouth were “I know you too well…maybe more than myself”and I was knew that was it. We sat down for about an hour or so and finished the song. I knew at that point that this was going to be a good song.


TXRDR: What new up and coming artist that’s out there on the TXRDR scene do you think is the next major breakout group or artist?

Kyle Park: I don’t know. I think there are plenty fixing to break out. One of my good friends who I think is going to make it big is Cody Johnson. He is so great. He has a great voice and can belt it out as good as anyone. He has great songs. I heard a sneak peek of his new album that Trent Wilmon produced and it’s really good stuff. I still think that Ryan Beaver will make it big. People are going to find out what an amazing song writer he is and he is going to make it big. He is too good not to make it big. Just a few days ago, I heard Kylie Rae Harris for the first time and she has a great voice and she plays her own guitar which is always good to see. I was blown away by her voice.