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posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in BANDS

The Texas Red Dirt music scene is one that encourages inspiring artists to chase their dreams of making it big in the music industry. This past Sunday, the guys from the band Two Steps Back stopped by to show all of us what their group is all about. Based out of Nowata County, Oklahoma (about an hour north of Tulsa, Oklahoma), these boys made it to the top 10 of the “Live At Billy Bob’sTexas” Live recording contest.

Band members include: Jake Lowrey-lead guitar and harmony vocals, Dave Koscelny-drummer, and Brett Lamb-bass player. Lead singer, Kyle Lowrey, sat down with TXRDR to answer some questions so you, the fans, could get to know Two Steps Back just a little bit better.


TXRDR: Where did you grow up?

Kyle Lowrey: I grew up in Lenapah, Oklahoma. I’ve lived there since I was in 3rd grade. We got around 300 people that live there. We got a gas station and a post office there. It has a really small town-feel to it because it is a small town.


TXRDR: What’s the best and worst thing about growing up in Lenapah, Oklahoma?

Kyle Lowrey: The worst thing was that you knew every girl from kindergarden so they were practically your sister by the time you were old enough to even start thinking about dating and there were no other girls around. Another bad thing was that everyone knows your business. That’s not good either. But a good thing was that everyone was friendly. It’s a small town and everyone knows everyone so everyone is really nice and supportive.


TXRDR: As a band, who is y’alls musical influences?

Kyle Lowrey: Everyone comes from a different background. We listen to everything from GeorgeStrait to Cross Canadian Ragweed to Jason Boland. We all are also big John Meyer and Matchbox Twenty fans as well. We even listen to Rap. So everybody comes from different backgrounds, but we all still listen to everything.


TXRDR: If you could open up for any artist at any venue, who would it be and where?

Kyle Lowrey: Probably just because we are such big fans, it’s got to be John Meyer at Madison Square Garden in New York City. That’s a huge place to play.


TXRDR: Where did the name “Two Steps Back” come from?

Kyle Lowrey: We started off just me and my brother, Jake, playing acoustic shows. We had our drummer, Dave Koscelny, with us, but he hadn’t officially signed up to play with us because he didn’t want to play until we had a bass player. So we were sitting at a buddy’s house one day and as corny as this sounds, he said “Every time we think of something, it seems like we take two steps back.” We were Two Steps Back from then on out. We get asked a lot  “You ever want to change it?” but by the time people start asking us if we ever wanted to change it, we were too far into this thing. So we just kept it.


TXRDR: Y’all were a finalist for the “Live At Billy Bob’s” live recording contest. What was it like playing on that stage?

Kyle Lowrey: It was really fun. Being a finalist, we got to shoot a live video there and we got to meet a lot of really cool people there. It was so much fun being on that stage because anyone who is anyone in music has stood on that stage and we have seen them on that stage. My first thought was “Man, the stage sure seems bigger on all the DVDs I’ve seen from here.” But it was so much fun to just be down there.


TXRDR: Where are y’all going to be playing in the near future where fans can go and check y’all out?

Kyle Lowrey: We are fixing to do a hometown Halloween show back in Nowata County, Oklahoma on the 31st, then we got a show up in Manhattan, Kansas at the Longhorn Saloon in November, then we got a run in Missouri. We are waiting till the first of the new year to get back to Texas shows since we live over six hours away. But we are all over. We try to get everywhere we can. If you check out our website, www.2sbmusic.com, it has all of our dates. We update that as soon as we get a new date.


TXRDR: Besides yourself, what other up and coming artist or group do you see as the next breakout act?

Kyle Lowrey: It’s ironic that we are playing today (Sunday, October 23, 2011) because we are big Granger Smith fans and Kyle Park fans. We really like Johnny Cooper too. We haven’t had a chance to play before with Granger Smith or Kyle Park, but I’ve got all their albums. I’m listening to a lot of William Clark Green right now. I like his song “Tonight.” It seems like I’ll stumble upon something really good that my friends in Lubbock have already been listening to for months. But there are a lot of people we really enjoy. It’s one of those things that’s good about being on the outside of this scene. Everyone grows differently and we definitely are growing into our own.

If you have never heard of these guys, you really need to check them out. I heard them for the first time on the show and they can really play and have some great music. Check them out.