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posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012 in MUSIC NEWS

Some pleasures in life just go without saying.  A long drive in the country, with the windows down, a cold iced tea on a hot Texas summers day, and a contagious Brandon Rhyder tune.  A veteran of the Texas music scene, with seven projects in the past ten years, Brandon Rhyder has no plans on slowing down. 

"I see some great talent coming up through the ranks right now.  I think the people who make it in this industry, are the ones who are crazy enough to stick it out."  It's this drive that has helped Brandon have such a prosperous career as a singer-songwriter.

A true man of conviction, Brandon is a loving father and a devoted husband, which is evident through his emotionally rich songwriting.  Always quick to thank his fans for his success, Brandon truly is genuine. 

"My favorite place to play is wherever I am that night."  This is evident in his performances each time Brandon steps on the stage, and you are sure to get a great experience.  Surrounding himself with fellow songwriters has helped Brandon's music to evolve and blossom over the years. 

The current single "Shine", the fourth off of the Live at Billy Bob's Quad Pack, was penned by fellow band mate Matt Powell.  A lyrically-smart song with great hooks, featuring Matt on accompanying vocals, that is certain to become a fan favorite.  Make sure you pick up a copy of this emotionally charged live CD/DVD.

On our recent interview at local favorite The Mule Barn in Justin, Brandon talked about upcoming projects. The much anticipated, stripped-down acoustic album, tentatively titled "My House" will be cut around June, and should be out in the fall.  Also, a full band project is in the works, which will be out next spring. 

During the daily hustle and grind, don't overlook the simple pleasure in life.  Take time to look up at the stars in the night sky, stop along the road to look at our Maker's brilliant landscapes, and enjoy a song that speaks to your soul.  This is Texas Red Dirt Roads. Adios,Aaron Bentley aaronleebentley1979@yahoo.com