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posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 in BANDS

What defines good music?  Is it a good hook?  Is it a strong drum presence?  Or, is it a culmination of all things?  Good music is simply what it is, something that speaks to your soul, and keeps you coming back for more.  Mike Calaway is certainly an artist that is doing just that, putting out good music.
  A self-taught musician who is following the same path as greats Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Garcia once did, Mike Calaway is putting his stamp on today's music scene as an artist who isn't afraid to do it his way.  "For me [Mike], its just about the music.  Its not about an image.  I've got these words stuck in my head that I'm just trying to get out, and hopefully people like it."  And what great words they are.  A blended host of Americana, with a side of Grass Roots, and a touch of Caribbean soul, Mike Calaway is definitely a must hear.

    A constant student of music, Mike draws from all aspect of life and music in his songwriting.  With intelligent lyrics, and an emotionally raw delivery, Mike truly is getting back to the basics.  A humble performer, Mike never calls his listeners fans, but rather friends, and he always treats them as such.
    In a recent sit down with TXRDR, Mike shared his views on life, those that he has gathered inspiration from throughout his journey, and his music.  "I like the idea of an acoustic album.  People can feel what its like to be sitting in someone's living room with us."  The Mike Calaway Band's most current album, Whiskey Diet, is a 100% acoustic project, a must have for any fan of the more stripped down, intimate singer-songwriter performance.  Plans for an upcoming EP are in the works for the near future, and should be available by mid-summer.
    Should you find yourself searching for that missing piece to your music collection, or simply a style-rich CD to keep your appreciation for music growing, check out The Mike Calaway Band.

    With summer quickly approaching, take a minute to unwind and step away from the stress of daily life.  Pop in your favorite CD, or spin that classic vinyl that takes you to another place, and remember, these artist are giving you a glimpse into their soul.  Support local music, and don't be ashamed to dance and sing along when you feel the urge.  Who cares who sees you.  This is Texas Red Dirt Roads.
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Aaron Bentley