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posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 in BANDS

    December 1st, 2012 was a big day for me.  I say big, what i mean is huge.  On that day, the culmination of several weeks worth of work, not just on my part, but several others, was going to either pay off, or go bust.  That was the day we put on the Jammin' for Jennie benefit.  I was riding an emotional roller coaster in the days leading up to it to say the least.  Would we have support? Would everything be ready?  Am I crazy?  Will people come?  Lots of questions had been swirling through my mind at a fevered pace.  The line up was set, I had managed to, with one month's notice, and with strong support from Sommer and Wendi, been able to nail down a four set, five chair line-up of some seriously talented up-and-comers, and a few established acts.  But, were the people going to like everyone, and more importantly, were we going to make a difference.  I purposely set the line-up so artists who had never played together before, could now have an opportunity to share a stage.  All acoustic, no script, no rehearsals, what had I gotten myself into?  Then there was the other thing.  I booked a three seat for a group, a band I had never even heard play before.  Was this going to be a train wreck, or pure magic?

    So who was this mystery band?  Union Hill.  Never heard of them?  All I can say is, you are certainly missing out my friend.  Not only did they hit the mark, some have told me since, they stole the stage along with the show that blessed Saturday.  These guys were seriously special, why in the world have they not received any attention yet?  That was my thoughts after their first down-beat.  I was impressed.  I had taken a leap of faith, and it payed off ten fold.


    No strangers to the music industry, the members of Union Hill are by no means taking themselves too seriously.  Their music on the other hand, that is never in question.  Taking their experiences from other bands, projects, and life in general, Union Hill are packaging a product that will not only be pleasant to the ear, but intelligently crafted as well.  It's the best of both worlds really, smart, thought provoking lyrics, and a catchy beat all in a one stop shop.  Through infectious three-part harmonies, to well above average approaches to thier instruments, Union Hill quite possibly may the best thing you've never experienced.

    Sitting in on one of their practice sessions, I began to get a better feel for these salty musicians.  They possessed the grit of a seasoned touring band, and shared a comradery that is tough to find these days.  So when was this train going to leave the station for Union Hill?  With the band still in its infancy, forming just shy of a year ago, the road ahead seams clouded with mystery now, but it is a long road ahead for sure.

    Here's where you guys can come in and help.  For their first studio album, the guys have gone to using a Kickstarter. Not familiar with it?  It's real simple.  Albums and studio time are stupid expensive, and for up-starts, finding funding is almost impossible.  So you, the fans have an opportunity to be there from the beginning.  With a simple donation, you can actually help these guys reach the goal.  It really doesn't take much in the grand scheme of things.  Below I will post a link to their kickstarter page, and hopefully we can all help out.  Still think its sketchy?  I have personally donated to three different artists drives, and never found one single problem. 

    With a catalog of great, original music already under their belts, the boys of Union Hill have no plans on slowing down.   Living out the music they produce, I have faith that these guys will become part of regular rotations across the state in the next few months.  I'll leave you guys with a look at my favorite tune to date by these under-rated musicians. Oh, and in case if you were wondering, the benefit worked perfectly.  The music was supurb, the people were great, the atmosphere was amazing, and we raised a very good sum of money for a deserving family.

    Everyday we are presented with the opportunity to take chances.  Some good, some bad, others too risky, but most without a clear outcome.  How willing are you to stay in the game and take that chance?  Sometimes we are presented with opportunities that we may never be offered again.  That's the hard part, knowing what risk to take and at what time.  You don't have to be a risk taker to take a chance, just a person who doesn't want to watch life pass them by.  Be who you are, and chase those silly whims, because before you know it, they may be too far down a road that you cannot navigate you way back to.  Don't be a spectator in the game of life, get in there and live it.  This is Texas Red Dirt Roads.

To contribute to Union Hill's kickstarter: click here

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Aaron Bentley