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posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 in WHYHAVENTIHEARDTHIS

   Everyone is constantly complaining about the change in the weather and seasons messing with their allergies and what not.  It's rough, I know.  However, I love this time of year, just the way it is.  Some days, hints of summer not wanting to let go, and still other days, chilly reminders of what is to come.  It's football on Friday nights kinda weather.  But, for those of us lucky enough to be able to relate to the roots of Justin's vision for this show and website, it's the time of year for hanging around an open fire.  Far from the city lights, where friends both old and new are plentiful, someone brought a guitar, and there is no rush to go anywhere, except for maybe the cooler.  I already have one such night under my belt for this year, and I have to thank my buddy Scott Ryals ( remember the name kids- killer potential) for providing the music that trip out.  But enough about that. 

    For this week's offering, I chose to go with a favorite musician of mine.  While I don't generally like to reserve this time for a cover tune, it just seemed to fit perfectly.  A timeless song, that everyone can relate to, delivered in such a soulful and intimate way, you can almost feel the warmth of the fire on your feet, and the chill of the night air nipping at your face.  Enjoy friends.

    Now just so I don't leave you thinking, hey, I've heard that, I give you an encore by Mr.  Willis.  I'm sure you probably haven't heard this.

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